It’s been too long, my wittle tumblrs! Sorry I haven’t had much time to post any pictures, quotes, or anything about my miserably love life, LOLOLOL. I only have 5 followers so I’m sure there isn’t too much disappointment! Finals are here and I’m not even stressed out. I just can’t wait to be out of cape geezy and back in the stl for the whole month! Time away from the ladies on my floor will be a very good thing. However, I am nervous about being away from my ex for that long. I see him for at least a few minutes everyday since we go to school together. We’re friends (and a little more..), it’s really good! I just don’t want him to realize that he doesn’t need me. I still have feelings for him obviiiiiiiiiiiiii. There’s no getting back to how things were before so I’m just living in the moment and going with the flow. PEACE YOLO EW.


    why do i care about how people look?